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can someone pleace tell me if you can put a wet room on a narrow boat insted of a shower tray

Asked by: martin jones  | 10.36pm, Friday 3 February

WW says:

The wet-room approach used to be very common in boats, with the entire bathroom draining into the cabin bilge to be pumped away!
This approach isn't the best, as the cabin bilge really needs to be kept dry- but is it frequently done.
For example, in smaller cruisers, and some narrowboats, the entire floor area is a moulded tray, which acts as wetroom, which is controlable- for an example, see the review of Jasper Owl from Wedgewood Boat, in October 2010 WAterways World- this compact narrowboat has a wet room approach to its bathroom.
The is no reason you could not have a wetroom, though it would be much better in a contained bathroom, rather than a walk-through one (for reasons that, obviously, you could end up treading lots of water through the rest of the boat).
Some disadvantages- boat floors tend to dry out slower, so you would need to ensure that the material does not hold water. You would also need to make sure the floor is sloped well, to ensure decent drainage; usually the sump or drain, would be aft, as most boats (should be) trimmed bow-high.
You might also need to think about how quickly the bathroom is useable afterwards- you might still need curtain or screen of the shower area, to avoid soaking the entire compartment.
Also, you will need to consider how to protect bulkheads, etc from water ingress, though this should be no more difficult than around a "normal" shower tray. Any appliances; toilets, wash-basins, etc. should be raised off the floor to prevent any accumulation below.
So, in summary, not only is it possible to fit a wetroom on a narrowboat, it has been done sucessfully many times. If you need any specific advice, please do let us know.

Mark Langley  | 11.09PM, Friday 3 February

Readers say:

thank you for your time nice one

martin jones  | 11.41PM, Saturday 4 February

I installed this solution on my NB. I had a stainless steel tray made, approx 1000 x 600 x 150, with sloping insert to channel water into an end (sump) with self-priming pump. The tray sat on the base plate with the top face below the old floor. I replaced the bathroom floor with 10mm solid laminate, and on the tray, 4 removable panels of solid laminate with holes cut to allow water to fall into the tray. The joins between the panels aligned with S/S angle set welded across the tray. The bathroom walls were covered in matching laminate. I had a shower curtain across the room so the usable shower was 1000 x 600. It looked and worked very well.

mike bass  | 10.58AM, Tuesday 12 June

Id also be interested in any info. Ive seen hire narrowboats with vinyl floor wetrooms, the type where the vinyl curves up the walls about 3'' and where the mitred corners are welded. They seem to work really well. Does anyone in the river Thames area who can do this kind of work ?

Gary  | 3.04PM, Friday 9 June

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