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Lees narrowboats, good shell

Thinking of looking at a boat built by Lees narrrowboats which i understand went bust in 2006. Apparantly they got their shells from morrocco. What is the general opinion on the shell quality?

Asked by: Paul Jones  | 2.09pm, Wednesday 15 February

WW says:

WW reported the following in September 2006 after the collapse of Lees Narrowboats:
"Uniquely, they sourced many of their hulls from Morocco, contracting to a firm called Agadir Yachts... But behind the scenes, the company was troubled and cash was in short supply. A report prepared by Lees places the blame mostly with the Moroccan contractors. It alleged that 'production was affected by the constant need to correct the errors being made by the Moroccan production company', and even cited containers lost at sea or impounded in Agadir.
"The Moroccan firm disputes this version of events. In an e-mail seen by WW, concerning a non-existent boat for which a distraught Lees customer had paid £54,000, its manager said they had only received one, small payment. 'The only payment that Agadir Yachts received from Lees Narrowboats for the boat is £2,800. The invoice for the second instalment was issued, but we never received the payment. Since the beginning of 2006 Lees Narrowboats has always paid our invoices very late so we had to slow down the production.'"
A hull survey of a second-hand boat is always recommended, and with this background we would stress this recommendation.

Richard Fairhurst  | 6.33PM, Tuesday 21 February

Readers say:

Thanks, comments duly noted!

Paul Jones  | 11.54AM, Saturday 25 February

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