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Re: 12 Volt radio and television

Where can i purchase a 12volt radio/television/DVD player.
Many thanks

Asked by: John Geobey  | 12.33pm, Thursday 16 February

WW says:

I am sure that someone will prove me wrong but I think you will struggle to find a single piece of equipment that combines all three.
Car radios are mostly in 12-volt form and are easy enough to fit in a narrowboat. You could get one that contains a CD player to expand your entertainment possibilities still further.
There are several dedicated 12-volt TV/DVD player combinations on the market but these usually have fairly hefty price tags - Roadpro currently has a 19in model at £330.
Last year, we bought a 16in Technika TV/DVD at Tesco in Ellesmere (with the boat moored right outside) and paid £120. My intention was to use it with the inverter but, when I unpacked it, I discovered that it operates at 12-volts and has a transformer built into the plug.
Looking around on ebay, I found that it is possible to buy a lead that fits the rather unusual socket in the back of the TV and has a cigarette lighter plug on the other end so I could connect it to the boat's 12-volt system. The only thing holding me back is knowing that these TVs are often not very tolerant of large variations in voltage. Bearing in mind the voltage could be 14.4-volts if the batteries are being charged by a landline and might drop quite low at the end of the evening while out cruising, I have not taken the chance yet.
One way round this is to buy a voltage regulator for around £50 but the TV uses so little power when run via the inverter that I have not bothered.
I suspect that you may find that the more watchable 19in model does not have the 12-volt option because the smaller TV was designed with the caravan market in mind.

Graham Booth  | 2.34PM, Thursday 16 February

Readers say:

acdctv.co.uk have a selection of 12v television sets for under £200. There are DC to DC voltage convertors available ensuring that any power spikes don't damage the equipment. nevardaradio.co.uk sell a Manson SDC 2010 product for under £10, which will plug into a cigarette lighter type socket and it comes with a variety of interchangeable connectors.
The main reason I use this option is that it is economical on power consumption and the inverter can remain switched off. Inverters consume energy when switched on even when no 230v power is being used.

Peter Bowker  | 8.07AM, Friday 17 February

I recently bought a Curry's Essentials TV/DVD combo - 15/16 inch screen for £99 (on offer at the moment I think) The good thing about this TV is that the lead carrying 12 volts from the mains adapter just plugs into the back of the TV using a standard power jack available from many places including ebay. I made up a lead to plug directly into the 12 sockets on the boat and it works perfectly whether or not the batteries are charging from the landline or not. If you didn't fancy soldering up the small socket to a power lead you could buy a cheap mains adapter with the correct size plug at a car boot sale for example and cut off the lead.

Roy Harris  | 11.12PM, Friday 17 February

www.maplin.co.uk.. 15.6in screen,stereo,freeview, dvd, usb, 12vdc/220vac. Flip down screen for roof mount.Expensive at £400 but packed with extras.Check out their 12/24vdc digital aerial for caravan/boat use. £30 bargin

chris king  | 7.47AM, Saturday 25 February

Roy, you are taking a big risk not using a regulated lead. The power when charging can reach anything up to 14.4v. which is enogh to blow any 12v tv www.acdctv.co.uk as Peter said sell fully regulated TVs and also the power supplies separately too.

Paul Douse  | 9.14AM, Wednesday 7 March

We have always used Avtex tvs and cant fault them.

Allen1955  | 12.07PM, Friday 13 April

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