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About the Stove Fan project.

In testing my fan I made from the Stove Fan project in last months WW - the wires from the TEC 100W to the motor are getting very hot from the stove- do I need to worry about this?

Asked by: Robert Hilsdon  | 9.19am, Friday 24 February

WW says:

If they are getting very hot, then there resistance will be increasing substantially. If they are getting hot enough for the insulation on the wire to become soft, then it might be worth considering either insulating the wires (although what with is an issue- glass wool or glass tape might be one possibility) or using high temperature wires, with good insulation (though not sure of an easy source).
No doubt Rupert will come up with some better suggestions!

Mark Langley  | 3.04PM, Friday 24 February

As Mark says, it is only a problem if the insulation is getting soft and they are close enough together to short together or to a part of the fan. If you have an old electric kettle or sinilar, they use braided glass fibre sleeving over the wires in the hottest areas to prevent problems, and this could be used.
One thing I noticed on the fan design is that it does not have any protection against overheat. The genuine fans have a small bi-metal strip that lifts the fan off the stove when it is hot enough for the Peltier device to be damaged. So to give long life I would suggest taking it off the stove if it is really whizzing around.

Rupert Smedley  | 9.03AM, Saturday 25 February

Readers say:

Thanks Have taken up the advice and used glass fiber sleeving from an old lamp.

Robert Hilsdon  | 11.23AM, Saturday 25 February

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