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Where will the water be?

Trying to plan routes for the season. I had planned to go south, Kennet & Avon etc but with water shortages have written that off. Where do you think might be best this year? (Based Braunston)

Asked by: Gordon Lane  | 7.51pm, Tuesday 6 March

WW says:

The water seems to be more plentiful up in the north, although it will be short everywhere. I think there will be restrictions on most summit levels at various times this year, but without a crystal ball it is difficult to make predictions.
All boaters must make every effort to conserve water where possible; sharing locks and ensuring that water is not needlessly lost over bywashes when navigating lock flights. This can be achieved by not emptying a lock before the one below has started filling, not crowding lock pounds, and looking ahead. More patience will be needed boating this summer if we are to make the best of reduced water supplies.

Rupert Smedley  | 9.20PM, Tuesday 6 March

Another thing to consider is spending more time on a river, or canalised river navigation; these tend to have more water, with less restrictions even during drought. The Thames, Severn, Ouse, Great Ouse, etc. might be good bets.

Mark Langley  | 10.32PM, Tuesday 6 March

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