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TV/DVD combo - 12v or 240?

My previous boat was 12v only so there was no alternative. Now I have a suitable inverter but given that I intend to spend most of the season off the marina (and 240v) what is the best option/screen size etc?

Asked by: Brian Woods  | 10.14pm, Tuesday 6 March

WW says:

Modern flat screen televisions do not use 230V directly as in the past; it is transformed to a lower voltage either within the appliance or externally.
It is much more efficient to use an appliance designed to use the 12 or 24V supply directly than to use an inverter to produce 230V AC, only for the appliance to convert it back to a low DC voltage because the conversion process always consumes energy.
The size of the TV is related to the power consumption, as is the technology used for the backlight. A smallish LED lit screen will probably be the most efficient.

Rupert Smedley  | 11.44AM, Thursday 8 March

Readers say:

www.acdctv.co.uk are in canal boat and towpath talk, lots of selection and they are all 12v and 240v TVs Give them a call on 01594 888007

Paul Douse  | 9.16AM, Wednesday 7 March

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