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Re: Continuous cruising and medication

We are planning to continuous cruise for the whole of the summer, we are both on long term medication and I wondered how continuous cruisers are able to repeat there prescriptions when the doctor will only write a prescription for two months at a time, this must be a problem for a lot of people and I wonder how they got around this.
Many thanks

Asked by: John Geobey  | 10.16am, Saturday 10 March

WW says:

You might find that asking NHS Direct (or even your own GP) will give you a pragmatic solution- they may be prepared to issue prescriptions via, say, a nominated pharmacist in a town/village you know you will be visiting.
Alternatively, consider joining and seeking the advice of the Residential Boaters Association (www.rboa.org.uk)- their book "Living Afloat" has lots of advice on matters such as this, and much is relevant to continuous cruisers as well.

Mark Langley  | 2.37PM, Saturday 10 March

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