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Waterways World is the biggest-selling and longest-established inland waterways magazine. We explore the waterway system, test the latest boats and equipment, and look into the history of our canals. Waterways World is the organiser of the Crick Boat Show.

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In the May 2017 issue: Boat Test: Semi-cruiser Narrowboat - 60-footer built for serious cruising + similar spec 58-footer with alternative layout; "Save the Anglian waterways" - IWA chairman's impassioned plea; Looking back: Saving the Stratford - raising Tunnel Bridge in 1947 & pioneering paddle of 1957; Cruising through the Brecon Beacons - 8-page guide to the Mon & Brec; Boat-handling - 20 top tips; Careers on the cut - unusual ways to work afloat; Boat-buying in France; Crick 2017 preview - our guide to Britain's premier canal boat event

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“We cannot sit back and allow the hard-won progress of the last 60 years to be reversed” EA’s threat to close some Anglian waterways requires urgent action, says IWA chairman Les Etheridge A boat having obvious difficulty navigating Salters Lode Sluice, which gives access to the Old Bedford River.


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