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Waterways World is the biggest-selling and longest-established inland waterways magazine. We explore the waterway system, test the latest boats and equipment, and look into the history of our canals. Waterways World is the organiser of the Crick Boat Show.

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August 2018 Crick Boat Show winners EXCLUSIVE: sixteen craft that caught our eye, including full reviews of the Favourite Boat in Show winners. Plus, our pick of the best new products, gadgets and ideas from the Show; Babies on board: tips on boating with a newborn; Hire-boating in Holland: covering Amsterdam, Gouda and Utrecht in a 105-mile cruising ring; Advice on bedroom design and configuring your boat's sleeping quarters; Our 8-page guide to cruising the quiet River Nene; Bedford & Milton Keynes link: progress on this game-changing canal connection; Nottingham Canal blast: 200th anniversary of the tragedy that killed 16; Plus: news, technical advice, readers' letters, places to go, events and much, much more.

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New CRT Logo Leaked

In spite of assertions that it would remain top secret, images of the brand new Canal & River Trust logo have emerged online, and are causing quite a stir. The new logo forms the centrepiece of the trust’s rebranding programme, which is to be launched at the end of May and aims to “accelerate growth in awareness of, and broaden support for, the trust.


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